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How to get to Asrlar Sadosi Festival 2013

How to get to Asrlar Sadosi Festival 2013 As Asrlar Sadosi (The Echo of Centuries) Festival of Traditional Culture is fast approaching, many people interested in getting first-hand experience of a spectacular cultural celebration have been wondering how to get to the festival venue, where to stay and how to get to a particular event to be held as part of the big fest. Less than a month away, the Festival promises an unforgettable experience for art aficionados, foodies and everyone with a passion for all things traditional.

How to get to Asrlar Sadosi Festival 2013 As it is known, this year The Echo of Centuries Festival, a collaborative effort between Fund Forum and the UNESCO Tashkent Office, will be held in the Sarmishsai Gorge (Navoi Region), which is Uzbekistans primary natural treasure trove of pre-historic art. Scheduled for April 4-5, the Festival will present the full diversity of Uzbek art, cuisine, customs, oral traditions and intangible legacy and put the spotlight on an area in Uzbekistan that is steeped in history.

How to get to Asrlar Sadosi Festival 2013 The official tour operator for the annual festival is Kelajak Tur Bureau for International and Youth Tourism and Cooperation. The Bureau offers exclusive tours for tourists wishing to attend the Festival. The tours include arrival in Navoi, hotel accommodation and visits to the Festival events such as the opening ceremony, applied art fairs, national games, workshops, a food sampling event and a gala concert. More information about the tours offered by Kelajak Tur Bureau is available here.

How to get to Asrlar Sadosi Festival 2013 How to get to Asrlar Sadosi Festival 2013 How to get to Asrlar Sadosi Festival 2013
Below is train and flight information for those planning to attend the festival on their own:

Schedule of trains to Navoi:

How to get to Asrlar Sadosi Festival 2013 1. Sharq (goes as far as Navoi). 08:30 daily. Arrival time 14:10. Departure to Tashkent 09:15. Arrival in Tashkent 14:50

2. Tashkent-Bukhara (goes as far as Navoi) 20:25 daily. Arrival time 04:50. Departure to Tashkent 22:00. Arrival in Tashkent 06:00
Schedule of Tashkent-Navoi-Tashkent internal flights with Uzbekistan Airways

Departure from Tashkent
Day Departure time Arrival time Flight
3,4,5,6,7 08.00 09.40 HY-1347
3 06.35 07.40 HY-1349
2 09.30 10.35 HY-1351

Arrival in Tashkent
Aircraft Departure time Arrival time Flight
IL-114 10.20 11.45 HY-1348
-320 19.05 20.05 HY-1350
-320 23.50 00.50+ HY-1352

Hotels in Navoi city

Navoi city, a major industrial hub in Uzbekistan, doesnt have a broad choice of hotels unlike the capital city Tashkent and major tourist destinations Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. However, the city offers an adequate hotel infrastructure. The available choice of hotels ranges from small private inns to expensive hotels that offer tourists comfortable European-standard accommodation.

Hanjin Navoi Complex

Hanjin Navoi Complex is located just 5 minutes drive from Navoi Free Industrial Economic Zone and Navoi airport. The complex has 41 single rooms, 8 twin rooms, 2 VIP rooms. All rooms are equipped with the eco friendly and high quality furniture, electronics and etc. High speed landline internet and Wi-Fi are installed for the convenience of the guests. Friendly and professional staff will be happy to assist you if you require further assistance. Hanjin Navoi Complex, managed by Korean Air, provides high-quality service meeting international standards. Phone: (998 79) 770 3713, (8 436) 770 3713 (998 71) 150 2163, (8 371) 150 2163. Website:

Silk Road Palace

Silk Road Palace is a four-star hotel that provides accommodation meeting international standards. The modern three-storey hotel can accommodate up to 110 people and is conveniently located near Navoi International Airport just 4,5 km from the Navoi Free Industrial Economic Zone and 20 minutes drive from downtown Navoi. The hotel has 66 comfortable rooms with all amenities, including 62 standard rooms and 4 suites. Phone: (998 79) 780 2000; Fax: (8 436) 780 2220; Website:

Grand M

Opened in 2011, Hotel Grand M is located in the heart of Navoi city, close to the city park. The hotel has 33 comfortable and cozy rooms, and can accommodate up to 45 people. Phone: (371) 150 7733; 770 3737.

Weather in Navoi Region is sunny and warm in early May. The Sarmishsai Gorge, the venue for the upcoming Festival, is a mountainous terrain. Therefore everyone planning to attend the Festival is advised to bring comfortable clothes, shoes, headwear as well as sunscreen to protect their skin from the scorching sun.
How to get to Asrlar Sadosi Festival 2013 How to get to Asrlar Sadosi Festival 2013

Kelajak Tour Bureau of International and Youth Tourism and Cooperation is one of the key tour operators in Central Asia and offers various tours along the Great Silk Road along with visits to historical cities such as Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and other Uzbek cities that are home to unique ancient architectural monuments.

Kelajak Tour Bureau offers cultural, historical, business, exotic, sporting, ecological tours as well as hunting and fishery tours. For those planning a business trip, the Bureau offers services in organizing participation in various exhibitions, fairs and symposiums held annually in Uzbekistan. Besides, the Bureau can organize seminars, briefings, conferences and roundtables.

Travelers who choose a tour package with Kelajak Tour are provided with visa support services free of charge. Also, as one of the countrys major tour operators, it sells and books tickets with many airline companies around the world.


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