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Uzbek School players gained three medals at Rapid event (Chess)

Uzbek School players gained three medals at Rapid event (Chess) One player in each of the under 5,7, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17 (open and girls) categories, totaling a maximum of fourteen (14) players are invited to participate in 8th Asian Schools Chess Championships 2012 in New Delhi, India from 13th (arrival) to 20th (departure) December 2012. Originally, the players should come from Asian National Chess Federations affiliated to FIDE. They will play three events in Standard, Rapid and Blitz.

Rate of play is 90 minutes for the whole game + 30 seconds increment for every move played for Standard Championship. For Rapid Championship the time control will be 15 minutes for whole game + 10 seconds increment for every move played and for Blitz game it will be 3 minutes for whole game + 2 second increment for every move played.

415 players from 11 different countries are participating in this prestigious championship.

The list of players who were sent for the competition from Uzbekistan:

U-5 - Sindarov Islombek
U-7 - Sindarov Javohir
U-9 - Abdusattorov Nodirbek
U-11 - Yakubboev Nodirbek, Yusupov Jahongir, Salimova Asal
U-13 - FM Igonin Temur, Abdusattorova Bahora ad Yakubbaeva Nilufar
U-15 yoshgacha - Qudratov Bekzod

Rapid event has recently come to an end. According to the results, 3 players from Uzbekistan have gained medals.

Rapid Event Medal Winners

Under-17 Open: Gold Ц Ram Gupta of India, Silver Ц Tushar Anand of India, Bronze : Zoar Haque Prodhan of Bangladesh.

Under-17 Girls: Gold Ц Anjana Krishna S of India, Silver -Sydykova Myrzagul of Kyrgyzstan, Akshaya Nandakumar of India.

Under-15 Open(32 players in total): Gold Ц Bilguun Sumiya of Mongolia, Silver Ц Krishna Teja N, Bronze Ц Agamjot S Kals... 7th place - Qudratov Bekzod of Uzbekistan (with 4 points)

Under-15 Girls: Gold Ц Somaraki Mohanty of India, Silver Ц Meghna Upadhyay of India, Bronze Ц Aasa Deepika Kuditipudi.

Under-13 Open: Gold Ц Aradhya Garg of India, Silver Ц Karthikeyan Murali of India, Bronze Ц Kumar Gaurav of India.

Under-13 Girls(27 players in total): Gold Ц Shiny Das of India, Silver- Abdusattorova Bakhora of Uzbekistan, Bronze- Shweta Priyadarshini of India... Yakubbaeva Nilufar of Uzbekistan gained 2 points.

Under-11 Open (48 players in total): Gold Ц Raghunandan K S of India, Silver-Siva Mahadevan of India, Bronze Ц Harikrishnan A Ra of India... 6th place - Yakubboev Nodirbek (with 4,5 points), 16th place - Yusupov Jahongir (with 3,5 points)

Under-11 Girls (21 players in total): Gold Ц Teh De Zen of Malaysia, Silver Ц Priyanka N of India, Bronze Ц Salimova Asal of Uzbekistan.

Under-9 Open: Gold Ц Raja Rithvik R of India, Silver Ц Abdusattorov Nodirbek of Uzbekistan, Mohammad Fahad Rahman of Bangladesh.

Under-9 Girls: Gold Ц Arushi Kotwal of India, Silver Ц Fernandes Krystal of India, Bronze Ц Bommini Mounika Akshaya of India

Under-7 Open (47 players in total): Gold Ц Nikam Sudhanshu of India, Silver Ц Siddhanth Lohia of India, Bronze Ц Nouri Alekhine of Philippines... 6th place - Sindarov Javohir of Uzbekistan (with 4,5 points)

Under-7 Girls: Gold- Bhagyashree Patil of India, Silver -Jesica of India, Bronze Ц Mirlankyzy Azaliia of Kyrgyzstan.

Under-5 Open (18 players in total): Gold Ц Dev Shah of India, Silver- Chandrani Shlok of India, Bronze Ц Maheswar S of India, 4th place - Sindarov Islombek of Uzbekistan (4 points)

Under-5 Girls: Gold Ц Prathivya Gupta, Silver- Savitha Shri B, Bronze Ц Aswatha B

December 15-19 are the dates to hold Standart Chess Championship matches. After Blitz Chess Championship on December 19 (14:00), Closing ceremony will start at 19:00.


Nilufar Oripova
Press Service of Ministry of Culture and Sports Affairs

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